Silberra U400 B&W Film (ISO400)
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Silberra U400 B&W Film (ISO400)

Code: U400
  • 36
  • 400
  • B&W
  • 35 mm
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Silberra U series b&w photo film is the first new film from Russia. High contrast mixed grain emulsion, which combines both flat grain and classic grain, allows this film to save high resolving power of T-shaped silver grain preserving natural tonal softness of classic emulsion. 

Silberra U400 film can be exposed at EI (ISO) 200, 400 and 800, preserving acceptable contrast ratio and dynamic range width. Silberra U gets its letter-name as the heritage from Silberra ULTIMA series, which is based on the same substrate: thin, straight and crystal clear. Silberra P series with PAN-class (thicker) substrate is planned for production within 2019th. Thanks to unique anti-halation and protective layers the film acquires distinctive green tone when unexposed.

Similar to ULTIMA series, Silberra U shall need lower power of the light source when scanned or printed. Due to special anti-curling layer it will also preserve the absolute flatness of the negatives.

To achieve best results while working with Silberra U series films one has to take care to fulfill the next precautions:
- loading the film into the camera shall be conducted under subdued light only (otherwise the first frame may appear to be overexposed due to extra thin substrate which allows the light to penetrate light shield at the cartridge);
- loading the film into the development tank's reel double check that the reel is dry; using wet reel may cause film to be displaced within the reel and that may damage the film.

In order to counterweight possible overexposure of the first frame we placed 37-th exposure there in Silberra U series film. Should you be uncertain about complying with the first precaution rule, feel free to start shooting from the second frame.

We're sure that Silberra U and P series shall take its part of the market; those photographers who were searching for the film to aggregate both high resolution and classic width of tonal range within one product shall be very happy with the results Silberra U and P series provides for each image.

Development times for Silberra U400

DeveloperSolutionTemperature, ° CTime, minutes
Silberra S-76Stock207
Kodak D-761+12010
Silberra S-761+12010
Kodak D-76Stock207
Silberra Ascorol1+2920-
Kodak HC-110(1+31) B205
Silberra RDN-LQ1+50207:30
Silberra RDN-LQ1+2520-
Ilford Perceptol1+252012
Kodak XTOLStock205:30
Silberra AphenolStock205:30