Silberra RDN-LQ B&W Film Developer, 250ml concentrate
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Silberra RDN-LQ B&W Film Developer, 250ml concentrate

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Silberra RDN-LQ developer is a concentrated single-solution (one-shot) sharpness-enhancing film developer that works fine with most classical black-and-white panchromatic emulsions. Silberra RDN-LQ developer is a worthy replacement for classic AGFA developers. Very low concentration of alkali and developing agent in this developer increases contour sharpness of the print. It is also effective while working with thin layer emulsions.

Chemical Composition

Potassium metabisulfite, n-aminophenol, sodium hydroxide, potassium bromide, distilled water.

Preparing Stock Developer (mixing instructions)

Working solution is prepared by infusing the concentrate into distilled water, while actively stirring (use glass stick or special plastic stirring stick for chemicals). Dilute the concentrate of Silberra RDN-LQ to a ratio of 1:25 or, to controle the results better, 1:50.

Development Times

Average development time for photo films at stock dilution (1+25) is 6-7 minutes, and 10-12 minutes when diluted to a ratio of 1:50.
Optimal times to process specific films are stated either by manufacturer of the film or can be learned from the table of developing times at the foot of this page.

Usage Limits

Silberra RDN-LQ Developer working solution's effective usage limit is 3x135 type films per 1 litre. To process 1 film you should dilute at least 10 ml of the concentrate and use not less than 300 ml of the solution.
Silberra RDN-LQ stock developer is one-shot non-reusable developer and must be used within 1 hour after preparation.

Side Effects

SIlberra RDN-LQ Developer is not suitable for push and pull processing; it is not recommended to use this developer for films with expiring or expired date.


Keep Silberra RDN-LQ Developer in a cool, dry and dark place. Keep away from children. All the solutions must be stored in tightly sealed bottles, with low internal air volume.

Expiry Date / Shelf Life

Concentrated Silberra RDN-LQ Developer may be stored in original sealed bottle for up to 24 months. Please note that Silberra RDN-LQ working solution is non-reusable and must be used within 1 hour after preparation.

Disposal Regulations

Silberra developers and fixers must be disposed of in accordance with the rules and regulations of the country they are used in. Concentrated developers could be toxic and may harm the environment unless disposed in appropriate manner. Silberra recommends to use special disposal services provided by correspondingly licensed organizations which are eligible for photographic chemistry recycling/disposal.

Development Times Table

DeveloperFilmWorking solutionASA/ISOTime, minutesTemperature/th>
RDN-LQAdox Silvermax1+25100820C
RDN-LQAdox Silvermax1+501001220C
RDN-LQAdox CHS 251+2525420C
RDN-LQAdox CHS 251+5025820C
RDN-LQAdox CHS 1001+25100620C
RDN-LQAdox CHS 1001+501001020C
RDN-LQAdox CHM 4001+25400620C
RDN-LQAdox CHM 4001+504001120C
RDN-LQAgfaPhoto APX 1001+25100620C
RDN-LQAgfaPhoto APX 1001+501001020C
RDN-LQAgfaPhoto APX 4001+254001220C
RDN-LQAgfaPhoto APX 4001+504002120C
RDN-LQArista EDU Ultra 1001+25100620C
RDN-LQArista EDU Ultra 1001+50100820C
RDN-LQArista EDU Ultra 2001+25200520C
RDN-LQArista EDU Ultra 2001+50200920C
RDN-LQArista EDU Ultra 4001+25400620C
RDN-LQArista EDU Ultra 4001+504001120C
RDN-LQAviphot APX 400 S1+25400720C
RDN-LQAviphot APX 400 S1+504001120C
RDN-LQAviphot ASP 400 S1+502001120C
RDN-LQBergger Pancro 4001+25400820C
RDN-LQBergger Pancro 4001+504002220C
RDN-LQFoma Retropan 3201+503201120C
RDN-LQFomapan 1001+25100620C
RDN-LQFomapan 1001+50100920C
RDN-LQFomapan 2001+25200720C
RDN-LQFomapan 2001+502001120C
RDN-LQFomapan 4001+25400820C
RDN-LQFomapan 4001+504001220C
RDN-LQFuji Neopan 100 Acros1+25100720C
RDN-LQFuji Neopan 100 Acros1+50100920C
RDN-LQFuji Neopan 4001+25400820C
RDN-LQFuji Neopan 4001+504001120C
RDN-LQIlford Delta 100 Pro1+25100920C
RDN-LQIlford Delta 100 Pro1+501001420C
RDN-LQIlford Delta 3200 Pro1+2532001120C
RDN-LQIlford Delta 400 Pro1+25400920C
RDN-LQIlford Delta 400 Pro1+504002020C
RDN-LQIlford FP4+1+25125920C
RDN-LQIlford FP4+1+501251520C
RDN-LQIlford HP5+1+25100620C
RDN-LQIlford HP5+1+50100920C
RDN-LQIlford Pan F+1+2550620C
RDN-LQIlford Pan F+1+50501120C
RDN-LQIlford XP2 Super1+254001820C
RDN-LQIlford Pan 1001+25100920C
RDN-LQIlford Pan 1001+501001520C
RDN-LQIlford SFX 2001+25200620C
RDN-LQIlford SFX 2001+502001020C
RDN-LQIlford Pan 4001+25400620C
RDN-LQIlford Pan 4001+504001120C
RDN-LQJCH StreetPan 4001+254001020C
RDN-LQJCH StreetPan 4001+504002220C
RDN-LQKentmere 1001+501001520C
RDN-LQKentmere 4001+25400920C
RDN-LQKentmere 4001+504002020C
RDN-LQKodak TMax 1001+50501020C
RDN-LQKodak TMax 1001+25100620C
RDN-LQKodak TMax 4001+25400620C
RDN-LQKodak TMax 4001+504001220C
RDN-LQKodak Tri-X 4001+25400720C
RDN-LQKodak Tri-X 4001+504001320C
RDN-LQRollei Ortho 251+2525420C
RDN-LQRollei Ortho 251+5025620C
RDN-LQRollei Retro 80S1+2580820C
RDN-LQRollei Retro 80S1+50801420C
RDN-LQRollei Retro 1001+501001320C
RDN-LQRollei RPX 1001+25100920C
RDN-LQRollei RPX 1001+501001820C
RDN-LQRollei Superpan 2001+25200820C
RDN-LQRollei Superpan 2001+502001720C
RDN-LQRollei Retro 400S1+254001020C
RDN-LQRollei Retro 400S1+504002220C
RDN-LQRollei RPX 4001+254001220C
RDN-LQRollei RPX 4001+504002120C
RDN-LQWashi - A1+50121320C
RDN-LQWashi - D1+505001120C
RDN-LQWashi - Z1+25400720C