Silberra MG Photo Paper Developer, 1L, concentrate
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Silberra MG Photo Paper Developer, 1L, concentrate

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  • Photo paper processing
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Fine Grain Phenidone-Hydroquinone Photo Paper Developer

Silberra MG Developer is a concentrated single-solution (one-shot) phenidone-hydroquinone concentrated developer for photo papers. It works fine with all types of photo papers, gives normal contrast, it is economical and easy to use, and, what's more, the concentrate has high usage limit and can be stored for a long time.

Chemical Composition
Sodium sulfite anhydrous, hydroquinone, potassium carbonate, 1-Phenyl-3-pyrazolidone, potassium bromide, distilled water

Preparing Stock Developer (mixing instructions)
Working solution is prepared by diluting the concentrate in distilled water while actively stirring.
Dilute the concentrate of Silberra MG with distilled water of about 20-22 Celsium degrees to a ratio 1:9. It is recommended to stir the concentrate before diluting. If precipitate appears it is necessary to filter the working solution before use; precipitate does not affect chemical properties of the developer.

Development Times
Average development time for photo papers at SIlberra MG Developer stock dilution is 2 minutes at 20C.

Usage Limits
Silberra MG working solution's effective usage limit for photo papers is 1,2 sq.m. per 1 litre (approximately 30 sheets of 18х24 cm).


Keep Silberra MG Developer in a cool, dry and dark place. Keep away from children. All the solutions should be stored in tightly sealed bottles with low internal air volume.

Storage of concentrated developer at low temperatures may cause crystalline precipitate; the precipitate dissolves after heating and stirring the concentrate. If you see dark tint and flocculent suspension in the concentrate, its storage period is coming to an end, and we recommend to test this developer on a photo paper fragment before use.

Expiry Date / Shelf Life
Concentrated Silberra MG Developer may be stored in its original sealed bottle for up to 6 months; the working solution can be stored in a tapped vessel for 25 days past production date. Reuse and storage of the used solution is not recommended.

Disposal Regulations
Silberra developers and fixers must be disposed of in accordance with the rules and regulations of the country they are used in. Concentrated developers could be toxic and may harm the environment unless disposed in appropriate manner. Silberra recommends to use special disposal services provided by correspondingly licensed organizations which are eligible for photographic chemistry recycling/disposal.