ORWO UN54 ISO100 B&W Film
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ORWO UN54 ISO100 B&W Film

Code: RW54UN
  • 36
  • 100
  • B&W
  • 35 mm
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B&W ORWO UN54 film is well-known product which ain't present at the market except in rolls from 30m to 300m long. We do realize that not everyone has bulk loader and spare 35mm cartridges, so we've made it finally available in 135 format for you to have a chance to try that film.

Here are some references for dev time for your convenience:

Silberra Ascorol - 7 minutes
Silberra S-76 - 7 minutes
Kodak D76 - 7 minutes
Ilford ID-11 - 7 minutes
Kodak HC-110 (dil H) - 7.5 minutes
Silberra PYRO-HD (1+1+100) - 10 minutes
Silberra RDN LQ (1+25) - 6.5 minutes